One of my Top Five Ultimate Athletic Goals

12 Apr

Runners tend to kick around a lot of goals, and talk of goals, and I am not a stranger to that sort of thing in the least.  However, in the short 14 months of training I’ve completed, I have already set a few solid and ambitious goals that I plan to achieve in my life, and this one would have to be in the top few.  There is a list (link below) of all the runners that have run a sub-3:00 marathon across five decades.  Yes, that’s right, 6:52 or faster pace for 26.2 miles for 50 years.  Now that, my friends, is freakin amazing!   A one time PR and a 50 year consistency of performance, well there is really no comparison.  And it gets better.  February of this year I had the privilege of meeting one of these elites, Gary Allen, who has run at least one sub-3:00 marathon across five decades.  It turned out that he and I had quite a lot in common, and I am sure that the inspiration he afforded the day before my first half marathon helped me nail a 1:30 finishing time.  So, it’s now out in the universe for all to know:  I want to be among a very few elites in the world that have run a sub 3:00 marathon across five decades.  And, God willing, I will run my first this year.  Can’t wait!

With Gary Allen pre- LEHM


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