[04.30.13] Today’s Workout

1 May

Hello everyone!

My apologies for not posting in a while. Thankfully my lack of posting is in no way indicative of a lack of running. Up until this last week I was running 50-60 miles per week. I am now just four days out from my next race, a 10 mile run on a fairly hilly course. Yesterday was my last key workout before Sunday- 11 miles with 4 x 1200 meters at 5K pace. Although the race this Sunday is just over 15K in distance, I mixed in approximately 3 miles at 5K pace to keep my legs fresh and turning over quickly. A fast turnover will be crucial to maximize my speed on the downhill portions of the course.

I will run two more times this week: today and Friday. Just a few miles at an easy pace to keep my legs from getting stuff and sluggish. Then, after this race, I will start hitting some pool and bike workouts to prepare for my June triathlon. I really don’t care about my results at that tri; I am doing it more for fun than anything else. However, if I try to race it without once touching my bike or swimming even a little, I’ll regret it. So, going to squeeze in what I can in the seven or so weeks I’ll have available to me between races.

All right, well I hope this brings you up to speed on my training!



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