Week Recap Sept. 16-22

23 Sep

Hey everyone!

So I am happy to be back in the blogosphere again and am going to post at least weekly, updating you on my training!

Monday: 8 miles on country roads @ 4:30 am.  Yes I was up pretty darn early and got to try out my newest gear acquisition: the Under Armour Ultrathon hat with built in headlamp.  Works very well!  Run went well though I think it was a little faster than necessary.

Tuesday: Felt just a little short of all out sick.  Headache, runny nose, sneezing, the whole shebang.  Not sure why; allergies most likely.

Wednesday: Back to normal and not the least bit sick.  Ran 11 miles at a good pace and felt amazing.  One of the best runs all month!

Thursday+Friday: Rest

Saturday: Ludden Fall Frolic 5K!  Course was pretty tough given the wind, but pulled through for a second place finishing time of 18:32.  Not my best time, but I would say one of my best efforts to date.  I’ll post a full race report soon!

Sunday: Extremely busy with church, work, and school, so while I had hoped for an easy 15, there was simple no time.  And hey, it’s ok I guess to chill the day after a race!

So there you go! Total was a mere 22 miles #lols but it was a nice easy week that allowed me to store up maximal energy for the race.




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