Burn Run 5K Race Report

12 Nov

Hello everyone!

My apologies for not posting in such a long time! I raced two weeks ago at the Eastwood Park-to-Park 5 Mile and again yesterday at the Burn Run 5K (race reports to be fully discussed in a video that will be posted shortly). Below are my thoughts on yesterday’s race which I quickly typed up while they were still fresh on my mind.

“Sunday, November 10.
Today I lined up at the start of the Burn Run 5K with one goal in mind: to break 18:00 in the 5k distance. I didn’t think about place, I didn’t think about competition, and I didn’t care if I would enjoy it. I expected top 10 at best. When I crossed the finish line, the clock read 17:59. I spent the next twenty minutes pacing, waiting to see if the results sheet would read 17:59 or 18:00. When I finally saw that the timing chip clocked an 18:00, I was quite frustrated. I spent the next ten minutes with my hopes for a “sub-18:00” dashed. And then it hit me. Who cares! I went out with no expectation for place, and yet somehow moved from fifth place to second between the half mile mark and the finish. When I thought about that, I didn’t care about time. I wasn’t just running today. I was racing! Come to think of it, I felt strong from the start, I felt in control, and my final move from third to second place was made just 100 meters from the finish. As for sub-18:00, I’m glad I didn’t get a 17:59. What does one fraction of a second do for my time? Nothing! No, when I “break” 18, I want to smash it! When I broke 20, I broke it with a 19:17. When I broke 19, I did it with an 18:25. When I break 18, I am going destroy it. So did I break 18 today? Technically no, but maybe yes.

One second doesn’t really count; doesn’t even matter. As for the whole notions of times, they are trifling. The course might have been .05 miles too long; there could have been too strong a headwind; the start of the chip time system might have been a fraction before I shot off from the start line. All these reasons and more increase the insignificance of a single second. What matters is that I showed up, poured my entire being into the run and snatched second place at the last possible moment.

I believe that my performance did my training justice and stoked my fire for success hotter than before.

Below is a photo of my bib and award certificate. Earned with blood sweat and tears, literally. All three went into this race!

P.S. Look out. I’m coming back with a vengeance in just 17 days at the Baldwinsville Turkey Trot 5K!!”

Haha well there you have it! My pessimistic optimism rang true yet again in my frustrated yet hopeful words. Thanks for reading it, and as I said above, I have been working on a fall training and racing video that you might enjoy. I’ll try to post that by the end of the week!




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