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Afternoon Snack

17 Oct

So I’ve been experimenting with eating more raw fruits/veggies than cooked food each day, and have thus far never succeeded in eating more than about 50/50. Well today I’m shooting for 60/40 (that is to say, I’m trying to eat more raw than cooked by at least a little bit). Thursday is one of two days each week where I spend the better part of the day at the community college. I’m not living in the dorms and therefore don’t have a meal plan, but often I’ll run to a local store and buy a bagel, bag of chips, or something cooked/baked for a snack between classes.
Well today I decided to have nothing but raw food for breakfast and lunch and eat whatever I want for dinner. To prevent myself from buying something between classes like usual, I purposefully left my debit card and cash at home, and instead brought this for my snack:



Afternoon Trot in the City

3 Oct

Hey everyone!
So this afternoon, after a rather tedious chemistry lab at school, I decided to stop on the way home and run an easy 6. In case you are wondering, I always keep a pair of shoes, socks, and a few pairs of running shorts and shirts in my trunk in case I have the time to squeeze in a few miles. Today was the perfect chance. So, I parked downtown and ran an urban trail referred to as “the Creekwalk” that is approximately 2.5 miles long. After going down and back on the trail I added several more loops around the center of the city. After running most of my miles on back country roads and trails, being in the dead center of traffic (automobiles, bikes, and people!) was immensely entertaining. One gentleman happened to roll down his window and shout to me, “Fock yooooohh!” in a rather thick accent. I smiled back and kept on going, laughing to myself. I waved at many people (well
over a dozen) and only got two nods back. Apparently a dude in short shorts and sporty shades is too weird to wave back at. Who cares though, I smiled at them!

What I realized was this: no one cares who you are, or what you are doing, but as long as you care, the world will improve. The moment I take on a pessimistic approach to life, like many of the folks I blazed past on the sidewalks today do, I will see no beauty, no joy, no fun. So, it continues to be my mission to use running as just one avenue to express my inner peace and happiness to all I come in contact with.

Below is a not-so-interesting photo of one of the trail markers. :D





Smart Training

21 Sep

One of the appeals of an endurance sport such as running is that you can overcome a lack of natural ability with dedication and training. Does that motivate you? It should!
Hal Higdon

Much Needed Recovery

28 Mar

I have been steadily upping my mileage, with the goal of running doubles three times a week and logging around 80-100 miles each week to prep for my fall marathon.  I am hoping to be at that mileage range as of this summer.  Now, all that has been going well, at least until I decided it was time to give minimal shoes a try and start to heel strike less, and move towards a more natural midfoot/forefoot strike.  While I already feel better from this, my legs certainly don’t.  :D  My calves especially are having to deal with a much greater load, which is really as it should be.  Nevertheless, my relatively week calves certainly have their work cut out.  So, after nearly three weeks of intentional running form changes, it’s time to take a much needed 2 day rest, so I can recover and nail the next 6 weeks until my 10 mile race May 12th.

What do you guys use for lower leg recovery, and what’s your take on minimal shoes?

Let me know!


P.S.  I am currently running in the Asics Gel-Blur33 and Brooks Pure Connect.  What are your more minimal go-to shoes for races and speedwork, or do you train daily in lightweight shoes?

8 Mile Run

27 Mar

Well, there’s another 8 miles in the books, and what a beautiful day to run.  First time I ran in shorts and no shirt in at least 3 months.  Felt like summer was here! :)
Have a great day and get out and run!





26 Mar

My kitten, Willow, inspires me.  He is tiny, light, soft, agile, and never tires.  He sleeps much less than most cats, and yet never seems to get pooped.  He will chase and attack and play with things I never saw as more than just pen or pencil.  He has more curiosity than I’ve ever seen, and is extremely laid back.  By that I mean that, no matter how absorbed he is in his continuous frolicking, he is always cool with my scooping him up into my arms and giving him a hug.

He doesn’t have a care in the world.  Now that is something that we all could use!



7 Mile Trail Run

25 Mar

So there I was, all suited up and ready to roll.  The plan:  2 miles with my 12-year-old sister, then another 8 on the adjacent trails.  Well, the first two whizzed by and before I knew it, it was time to begin my eagerly anticipated trail run.  Mind you, I get to run trails so rarely that when I do, it is quite a treat.  The first two of the eight went by as planned, but when I took several wrong turns and the slushy snow slowed me down, I started to get irritated.  However, I thought to myself, “Hey, slushy trails are better than no trails at all.  Take your mind off the pace, and put it on the surroundings.  See, look what a beautiful place you are in.”  I found my way back to where I wanted to be, the Farmer’s Field Trail, but at that point, it was already close to the time I wanted to get back to the car, where my sister was waiting.  Thus, I had to forego the final four miles of my run and head back.  The 8 miles ended up being just under 5, but I learned a few valuable lessons:  Don’t plan the run too much; and don’t get disappointed when the run goes differently than planned.  And hey, next time I go to that park, those final four miles will still be waiting for me. :)


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