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“Grind ‘Em Out!” [Week Recap Oct. 14 – Oct. 20]

24 Oct

Hey everyone!

Again, I am sorry I didn’t get this posted sooner.  Finally, FINALLY, after three weeks of screwed up training weeks I at last nailed a week.  And it was tough.  Mainly because running wasn’t exactly top priority and half of the runs were run long after the sun set, but more on that later.  I can’t tell how happy I am though that I finally just hammered out the miles and didn’t miss a single workout.  So, let’s get to it!

Week 43 Recap:

(10.14.13) Monday: Rest day.  Since my sister was off from school for the holiday, I scrapped lifting and martial arts training and decided to hang out with her.

(10.15.13) Tuesday: 7 Miles total [6x800m.  First track workout of just 800’s interestingly enough.  Slowest 800 was very slow at 2:57 and fastest was a pitiful 2:35!]

(10.16.13) Wednesday: Easy 6.3 Miles.  Yes, not 6.2 or 6.4, but 6.3.  Like the extra .3 miles means a hill of beans.  Hahahaha (Note: this was run between 10:30 and 11:30 pm in a downpour).

(10.17.13) Thursday: 9.5 Miles with 4.5 hard effort.  Again, this was run quite late, and again, it was a downpour.  Both days I had my earbuds in, listening to some fantastic podcasts.

(10.18.13) Friday: Easy 8.  Legs felt rather sore.

(10.19.13) Easy 8.  Five with the run club, and three before to ensure I’d hit my designated mileage amount.

(10.20.13) 15 Mile Medium Long Run.  This was the only screw up, and it wasn’t really my fault.  I intended to run 16-18 but I incorrectly wrote down the exact route and therefore didn’t get the last 2 miles in.  Below is a picture of the route scribbled out on my arm.  I know, I know, so hardcore.

photo (3)



So there you have it!  Total mileage was 54 out of the goal 55 and if I hadn’t made the wrong turnaround it would have been 56.  As I said before, on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday the runs were really an afterthought, but after so many bum weeks, I was ready to buckle down and go hardcore, and I did.  So happy for it!  This weekend I’ll be racing the Eastwood Park-to-Park 5 Mile and then just a few weeks after the Burn Run 5K.  I’m working hard to get a good Vlog shot, edited, and uploaded to youtube.  I’ll have more details there.

Ok, have a great day everyone! Cheers!



“Embarrassingly Lazy” [Week Recap Oct. 7- Oct. 13]

17 Oct

Hey everyone!

Big apologies for not getting out my week recap sooner!  As I said last week, my somewhat rigorous cold took a good deal out of me, and more than that, I was so afraid of worsening the condition that I took off perhaps a little more time than necessary.  Anyway, I only “felt” the cold for just three days and as I pushed into this last week, it was mostly gone.  The only nagging symptom was the stupid runny nose (which is quite pesky on a run).  Thankfully after all that though I am back on track [no pun intended] and pushing forward this week in my last big training week before the race on October 27.  Big thanks to all of you guys who are kind enough to read this post and give it a like! It means a lot!

Alright, let’s get to it!

(Note: I am going to include some of my other workouts as well, as I am now training in several ways to supplement and complement my primary focus of running).

Week 42 Recap:

(10.07.13) Monday: Rest day (for running).

(10.08.13) Tuesday: 1.5 Mile run (Basically I went out for what was to be an easy 6 since I didn’t do a track workout.  However I planned to stop at my sister and brother-in-law’s pad to have a quick chat.  Well turns out I merely ran to their apartment (1.5 miles from my house surprisingly) and “chatted” for over 2 hours.  I would say though it was well worth it; we had an awesome talk about inspiration, motivation, and goal setting).

(10.09.13) Wednesday: 0 Miles.  30 minutes intense cardio training with a Prowler2 weight sled and kettlebells.   (I literally cannot remember if I ran that day or not, which is why A) I really need to dutifully keep logging my miles in my running journal/logbook; and B) I am excited to be getting a Garmin GPS watch so I can just look back through my workouts and see exactly what I did).

(10.10.13) Thursday: Easy 7.5 Miles (Listened to a great podcast of Rich Roll interviewing Matt Frazier).

(10.11.13) Friday:  0 Miles. Nothing.  Shame.

(10.12.13) Saturday: 3.1 Mile run. Previewed a local 5K race course with my club (the Lake Effect Run Club)

(10.13.13) Sunday: 16 Mile run.  That’s right: after a week of slacking and whining, I decided I had to [try to] redeem myself, so I did that by running a tough 16 miler (average pace in the 7:20’s).  Not as fast as I’ve been in the past, but for the distance one of my fastest long runs.  Great way to finish an otherwise bum week and get back out there!


Well there ya have it!  Writing it out was harder than I thought.  I was like “Man did you REALLY NOT RUN THAT DAY!?!?!”  Fuel to get me back out there this week though!  And “get back out there” I have!

How about you?  How do you stay motivated after two pitiful weeks of slacking and sucking?


New YouTube Intro

11 Oct

Hey everyone!
As many of you already know, I’ve been working on getting a YouTube channel started, and the key to any good video is a good intro! Well, after five hours of trial, error and trying different ideas, I have at last made a decent intro that will serve its
purpose nicely in my videos. Please watch it, give it a thumbs up and give me your feedback.



Week Recap Sept. 29 – Oct. 6

7 Oct

Good day everyone!

Last week was a good week of running minus the head cold that I aquired Friday that killed any chances of running on Sunday.  Thus I ended up quite below my mileage total of around 52 miles thanks to being completely out of commission on Sunday, which is long run day.  However, I am reminded of the fact that even the pros miss training when they’re sick, so I’m not as bummed as I was Sunday when I woke up drowning in tissues with a pounding headache.  Monday of course is always a rest day for running and though Tuesday is typically speedwork, I’ll just run easy tomorrow and see how I do.  OK, enough about this week and let’s get to the stats of last week. :)

Week 41 Recap: (week number relative to the year)

(10.01.13) Tuesday: 16×200 on the track average 31 seconds/200m with easy 90 second 200 m recovery jogs. (6 Miles total)

(10.02.13) Wednesay: Easy 7 Miles along the Creekwalk and adjacent streets down in the city.  Very enjoyable workout!

(10.03.13) Thursday: 9 Miles with 4 Miles @ Tempo Pace (approx. 6:00/mile).  While I know that tempo pace should (for me) be no faster than say 6:10 or so, I’m trying to build as much
speed as possible, hence I ran the first two miles in 12:30 and the third and fourth in 5:39 and 5:38, respectively.

(10.04.13) Friday: 9 Mile Hill Run.  I knew this run would be on the hilly side of things, but I was not prepared for some of the steep 10% grade sections. :D  Here is a link to the elevation chart! 

(10.05.13) Saturday: 7 miles

(10.06.13) Sunday: Felt like death warmed over.  So yeah, zero miles).

Total: 38 Miles of the goal 52 miles

Lessons learned and things I’m glad I did / I’d do differently next time:

  • Eat better no matter how much of a sore thumb I stick out as.
  • Going easy on easy days is good.  Yields more powerful hard days.
  • Don’t shortchange effort and focus on easy “junk miles” though: they are equally as important as the speedwork and long runs.
  • Take more pictures on scenic runs and do a better log of my workouts.

Closing thoughts:

Great week under my belt leaving me just a few weeks out from the Eastwood Park to Park 5 MIle on 10/27.  Thanks for reading and have a great week!


P.S.  Here are a few shots from the drive to/from my 9 mile hill run out in Homer, NY.  Gorgeous fog enveloped much of the drive!

photo (1) photo (2)

A Run of Recollection

18 Apr

Nice easy 7 miler this morning. Interestingly, it was the same route I took to run my first seven mile long run on a Saturday about 1 year ago. It struck me that here I was, running along at a pace probably faster than last year, on an easy short day. Just 1 year ago, I was slogging through my first seven miler with difficulty, and that was the long run for the week. Funny to see how far you can come in just one year! It makes me excited to see where I will be after this year!

One of my Top Five Ultimate Athletic Goals

12 Apr

Runners tend to kick around a lot of goals, and talk of goals, and I am not a stranger to that sort of thing in the least.  However, in the short 14 months of training I’ve completed, I have already set a few solid and ambitious goals that I plan to achieve in my life, and this one would have to be in the top few.  There is a list (link below) of all the runners that have run a sub-3:00 marathon across five decades.  Yes, that’s right, 6:52 or faster pace for 26.2 miles for 50 years.  Now that, my friends, is freakin amazing!   A one time PR and a 50 year consistency of performance, well there is really no comparison.  And it gets better.  February of this year I had the privilege of meeting one of these elites, Gary Allen, who has run at least one sub-3:00 marathon across five decades.  It turned out that he and I had quite a lot in common, and I am sure that the inspiration he afforded the day before my first half marathon helped me nail a 1:30 finishing time.  So, it’s now out in the universe for all to know:  I want to be among a very few elites in the world that have run a sub 3:00 marathon across five decades.  And, God willing, I will run my first this year.  Can’t wait!



With Gary Allen pre- LEHM

Today’s Workout + A Few Thoughts on Speed Workouts

12 Apr

Monday was rest day, and Tuesday was scheduled to be a recovery 7-9 miles.  I ran an easy eight and felt great.  Unfortunately, I ran across some sort of cold/allergy congestion and was out of commission yesterday, and had to forego the scheduled Wednesday run.  However, since I felt somewhat better today, I decided to run yesterday’s workout today.  The workout: 10.5 miles with 3 miles at easy pace, 4.5 miles at sustained effort pace (approx. half marathon pace – 10 seconds/mile) and another 3 at easy pace.  The workout went well enough, although I really started to feel sore in the upper quads in the last few miles.  I am not entirely sure why, but I believe that it is because I ran the 4.5 mile sustained effort at a pace slightly too fast for what the workout was meant to do, which brings me to the “A Few Thoughts” part of the post.

As I’m sure is common among runners, I find myself running my speed workouts/speed portions of normal runs at paces faster than prescribed on my training plans.  I know that it is partly to do with the fact that faster is always more exciting and enjoyable than slow and easy, at least for me.  However, no matter how exciting it is when in the middle of things, as soon as the run is completed, I find myself wishing that I had taken it just a wee bit slower.  How do you like to pace yourself?  I would love to get some feedback on how everyone else responds to speed work or speed-type sessions.  Today was what I often call an Oreo Cookie Workout: Tasty Speed Work Frosting sandwiched by Easy Pace Cookies.  The fast middle section isn’t as fast as a tempo, but faster than aerobic pace.  For me, easy is 7:50-8:30, general aerobic is 7:20-7:50, tempo is between 6:30-7:00, and so on into faster paces.  My tempo runs are often in the 5-10 mile range, which seems to be longer than many people practice, but what seems to work for me.  If I just did the standard 28:00 or 30:00 tempo run, it would be probably closer to 6:15-6:30 pace, but since my average tempo run is 7 or 8 miles, mid- to high-6:00’s works well.

OK, well that’s all for now.



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