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Exploring some trails!

31 Mar

Good day everyone!

A much needed rest yielded more responsive legs.  I would by no means call them fresh and snappy, but they got the job done; after the first few miles of the run, the junk cleared out and they performed well, especially the calves.  Now, there is one thing I haven’t mentioned, and that’s my plantar fasciitis.  Well, rolling my foot on a golf ball and frozen water bottle has helped tremendously, and I am confident that the already-diminished pain will be eradicated before the month of April concludes.  My left foot (that’s the one with plantar fasciitis) felt surprisingly good today.  There was still a good deal of pain and stiffness, but it is much less than what I’ve been experiencing for the last three+ months.  Mind you, I never once stopped training on my troubled foot, so even the smallest improvement is greatly appreciated.  The pain in the plantar fascia disappeared a few times today for the first time in at least four months of running.

Anyway, all that got me off topic.  By “exploring” being in the title, I mean that I found a new extension to the trail I train on nearly every day that increases the length from 5 miles to 8 or so, which will more comfortably accommodate my longer runs.  It is much more scenic than the first five miles, and since it is still being developed, the next three miles of the trail are still untouched by everyone but me.  At least, that is how it seems.  In any case, no one seems to have any interest in checking out the next three miles, so I am having loads of fun basking in the silence and mystery of new trail.

After logging a lower mileage week this week, I am looking forward to running once more tomorrow (if time permits) and getting back out there next week.  My calves seem to be improving after all that I’ve thrown at them the last three weeks, with all the new running form, shoes, and whatnot.  At the very least, I am learning some very good lessons on training and injuries, and getting a good base of mileage built up for my fall marathon.

Ok, enough for now.

Next week, I’ll be posting an initial review of a new pair of shoes I recently acquired, the Brooks Pure Connect’s.  I will continue to post about my daily training, and start to give you an idea of how it is to be a vegan runner as well.

A’ight, cheers and keep running!



7 Mile Trail Run

25 Mar

So there I was, all suited up and ready to roll.  The plan:  2 miles with my 12-year-old sister, then another 8 on the adjacent trails.  Well, the first two whizzed by and before I knew it, it was time to begin my eagerly anticipated trail run.  Mind you, I get to run trails so rarely that when I do, it is quite a treat.  The first two of the eight went by as planned, but when I took several wrong turns and the slushy snow slowed me down, I started to get irritated.  However, I thought to myself, “Hey, slushy trails are better than no trails at all.  Take your mind off the pace, and put it on the surroundings.  See, look what a beautiful place you are in.”  I found my way back to where I wanted to be, the Farmer’s Field Trail, but at that point, it was already close to the time I wanted to get back to the car, where my sister was waiting.  Thus, I had to forego the final four miles of my run and head back.  The 8 miles ended up being just under 5, but I learned a few valuable lessons:  Don’t plan the run too much; and don’t get disappointed when the run goes differently than planned.  And hey, next time I go to that park, those final four miles will still be waiting for me. :)


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