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Afternoon Snack

17 Oct

So I’ve been experimenting with eating more raw fruits/veggies than cooked food each day, and have thus far never succeeded in eating more than about 50/50. Well today I’m shooting for 60/40 (that is to say, I’m trying to eat more raw than cooked by at least a little bit). Thursday is one of two days each week where I spend the better part of the day at the community college. I’m not living in the dorms and therefore don’t have a meal plan, but often I’ll run to a local store and buy a bagel, bag of chips, or something cooked/baked for a snack between classes.
Well today I decided to have nothing but raw food for breakfast and lunch and eat whatever I want for dinner. To prevent myself from buying something between classes like usual, I purposefully left my debit card and cash at home, and instead brought this for my snack:


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