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Afternoon Trot in the City

3 Oct

Hey everyone!
So this afternoon, after a rather tedious chemistry lab at school, I decided to stop on the way home and run an easy 6. In case you are wondering, I always keep a pair of shoes, socks, and a few pairs of running shorts and shirts in my trunk in case I have the time to squeeze in a few miles. Today was the perfect chance. So, I parked downtown and ran an urban trail referred to as “the Creekwalk” that is approximately 2.5 miles long. After going down and back on the trail I added several more loops around the center of the city. After running most of my miles on back country roads and trails, being in the dead center of traffic (automobiles, bikes, and people!) was immensely entertaining. One gentleman happened to roll down his window and shout to me, “Fock yooooohh!” in a rather thick accent. I smiled back and kept on going, laughing to myself. I waved at many people (well
over a dozen) and only got two nods back. Apparently a dude in short shorts and sporty shades is too weird to wave back at. Who cares though, I smiled at them!

What I realized was this: no one cares who you are, or what you are doing, but as long as you care, the world will improve. The moment I take on a pessimistic approach to life, like many of the folks I blazed past on the sidewalks today do, I will see no beauty, no joy, no fun. So, it continues to be my mission to use running as just one avenue to express my inner peace and happiness to all I come in contact with.

Below is a not-so-interesting photo of one of the trail markers. :D





Early Morning Track Workout

1 Oct

While you were still sleeping, this crazy guy was out on the local high school track doing an intense Speedwork session. Not to say I was anticipating it with great joy, though: I had a dream right before waking in which I told a few people “I am supposed to run soon but I don’t want to and my legs hurt, so I won’t!” As it turns out my legs didn’t hurt and I did finish my track workout before 7 am.

Here’s a quick shot I took before I began.





Week Recap Sept. 23-29

30 Sep


Had a great week of training!  Didn’t do as much volume as I would have liked, but did have several high quality runs that were more than satisfactory.

Monday: Squats and stretching (I am going to be doing squats, lunges, etc etc every monday and wednesday for increased injury prevention)

Tuesday: 8×400 at GRP (approx. 81 seconds each) with Wup & Cdn – Total 6 miles

Wednesday: Easy 6 (legs were sore from Monday and Tuesday)

Thursday: Easy 5 (A few more junk miles that ended up helping recovery a lot!)

Friday: 10 Mile technical trail run

Saturday: 21 Mile long run (Longest run to date!  Actually closer to 22…)

Sunday: Rest (Ran out of time to squeeze in a few miles despite my legs feeling great!)

So there ya have it!  As I said above, I was literally busy from morning to night yesterday and didn’t have a chance to run my final workout, so the total was 48 miles.  Three quality runs and a bunch of exercises and stretches in between.  Rest today as usual and back out tomorrow for a tough track workout.

I also made a few videos while out on the 21 miler.  I’ll hopefully have it edited and posted soon!




Me and my sister after a tiring 10 mile trail run.  Good times!

Me and my sister after a tiring 10 mile trail run. Good times!

Ludden Fall Frolic Race Report

23 Sep

Hello again!

Excited to post my first ever running video!  I’ve been watching awesome runners on YouTube for over a year now, drawing knowledge and inspiration from their fantastic videos showcasing both their training and racing experiences.  After a long time in the making, I finally made my first ever pre race / post race video.  The footage is nothing special, but I’m excited to start working on producing high quality content to highlight the many wonderful opportunities Central New York has to offer to runners of all abilities.  These are most applicable to those of you that live in the area, but I will also be posting many videos of just training / inspiration.

So excited you can all be apart of the journey!


Week Recap Sept. 16-22

23 Sep

Hey everyone!

So I am happy to be back in the blogosphere again and am going to post at least weekly, updating you on my training!

Monday: 8 miles on country roads @ 4:30 am.  Yes I was up pretty darn early and got to try out my newest gear acquisition: the Under Armour Ultrathon hat with built in headlamp.  Works very well!  Run went well though I think it was a little faster than necessary.

Tuesday: Felt just a little short of all out sick.  Headache, runny nose, sneezing, the whole shebang.  Not sure why; allergies most likely.

Wednesday: Back to normal and not the least bit sick.  Ran 11 miles at a good pace and felt amazing.  One of the best runs all month!

Thursday+Friday: Rest

Saturday: Ludden Fall Frolic 5K!  Course was pretty tough given the wind, but pulled through for a second place finishing time of 18:32.  Not my best time, but I would say one of my best efforts to date.  I’ll post a full race report soon!

Sunday: Extremely busy with church, work, and school, so while I had hoped for an easy 15, there was simple no time.  And hey, it’s ok I guess to chill the day after a race!

So there you go! Total was a mere 22 miles #lols but it was a nice easy week that allowed me to store up maximal energy for the race.




Smart Training

21 Sep

One of the appeals of an endurance sport such as running is that you can overcome a lack of natural ability with dedication and training. Does that motivate you? It should!
Hal Higdon

I’m Back!

20 Sep

Hello everyone!

Sincere apologies for not posting in such a long time.  I am going to try to post at least once a week from now on.

Summer was a great season.  I ended up with a time of 65:31 at the Mountain Goat 10 Mile and 60:55 at the Boilermaker 15K.  I am racing a small 5K tomorrow with the hopes of winning it, and racing another 5K in November with the goal of breaking 18.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll be sure to start posting more often!


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