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“Grind ‘Em Out!” [Week Recap Oct. 14 – Oct. 20]

24 Oct

Hey everyone!

Again, I am sorry I didn’t get this posted sooner.  Finally, FINALLY, after three weeks of screwed up training weeks I at last nailed a week.  And it was tough.  Mainly because running wasn’t exactly top priority and half of the runs were run long after the sun set, but more on that later.  I can’t tell how happy I am though that I finally just hammered out the miles and didn’t miss a single workout.  So, let’s get to it!

Week 43 Recap:

(10.14.13) Monday: Rest day.  Since my sister was off from school for the holiday, I scrapped lifting and martial arts training and decided to hang out with her.

(10.15.13) Tuesday: 7 Miles total [6x800m.  First track workout of just 800’s interestingly enough.  Slowest 800 was very slow at 2:57 and fastest was a pitiful 2:35!]

(10.16.13) Wednesday: Easy 6.3 Miles.  Yes, not 6.2 or 6.4, but 6.3.  Like the extra .3 miles means a hill of beans.  Hahahaha (Note: this was run between 10:30 and 11:30 pm in a downpour).

(10.17.13) Thursday: 9.5 Miles with 4.5 hard effort.  Again, this was run quite late, and again, it was a downpour.  Both days I had my earbuds in, listening to some fantastic podcasts.

(10.18.13) Friday: Easy 8.  Legs felt rather sore.

(10.19.13) Easy 8.  Five with the run club, and three before to ensure I’d hit my designated mileage amount.

(10.20.13) 15 Mile Medium Long Run.  This was the only screw up, and it wasn’t really my fault.  I intended to run 16-18 but I incorrectly wrote down the exact route and therefore didn’t get the last 2 miles in.  Below is a picture of the route scribbled out on my arm.  I know, I know, so hardcore.

photo (3)



So there you have it!  Total mileage was 54 out of the goal 55 and if I hadn’t made the wrong turnaround it would have been 56.  As I said before, on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday the runs were really an afterthought, but after so many bum weeks, I was ready to buckle down and go hardcore, and I did.  So happy for it!  This weekend I’ll be racing the Eastwood Park-to-Park 5 Mile and then just a few weeks after the Burn Run 5K.  I’m working hard to get a good Vlog shot, edited, and uploaded to youtube.  I’ll have more details there.

Ok, have a great day everyone! Cheers!



13 Miles with Windsor

5 Apr

Today I ran a very enjoyable 13 miles with my little sister, Windsor. She biked out 5, ran three, and biked back, accompanying me the whole time with chatter about a 12 year old’s life. I run so many miles in solitude that a few with company is extremely enjoyable, and quite rare. After the run was over, I took her to my favorite coffee shop and we gobbled down cookies and Honest Tea.

Here are a few shots:



So, a nice easy thirteen miles in the books and some very nice bonding time with my fit little sister. What a great day!


7 Mile Trail Run

25 Mar

So there I was, all suited up and ready to roll.  The plan:  2 miles with my 12-year-old sister, then another 8 on the adjacent trails.  Well, the first two whizzed by and before I knew it, it was time to begin my eagerly anticipated trail run.  Mind you, I get to run trails so rarely that when I do, it is quite a treat.  The first two of the eight went by as planned, but when I took several wrong turns and the slushy snow slowed me down, I started to get irritated.  However, I thought to myself, “Hey, slushy trails are better than no trails at all.  Take your mind off the pace, and put it on the surroundings.  See, look what a beautiful place you are in.”  I found my way back to where I wanted to be, the Farmer’s Field Trail, but at that point, it was already close to the time I wanted to get back to the car, where my sister was waiting.  Thus, I had to forego the final four miles of my run and head back.  The 8 miles ended up being just under 5, but I learned a few valuable lessons:  Don’t plan the run too much; and don’t get disappointed when the run goes differently than planned.  And hey, next time I go to that park, those final four miles will still be waiting for me. :)


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