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Today’s Workout + A Few Thoughts on Speed Workouts

12 Apr

Monday was rest day, and Tuesday was scheduled to be a recovery 7-9 miles.  I ran an easy eight and felt great.  Unfortunately, I ran across some sort of cold/allergy congestion and was out of commission yesterday, and had to forego the scheduled Wednesday run.  However, since I felt somewhat better today, I decided to run yesterday’s workout today.  The workout: 10.5 miles with 3 miles at easy pace, 4.5 miles at sustained effort pace (approx. half marathon pace – 10 seconds/mile) and another 3 at easy pace.  The workout went well enough, although I really started to feel sore in the upper quads in the last few miles.  I am not entirely sure why, but I believe that it is because I ran the 4.5 mile sustained effort at a pace slightly too fast for what the workout was meant to do, which brings me to the “A Few Thoughts” part of the post.

As I’m sure is common among runners, I find myself running my speed workouts/speed portions of normal runs at paces faster than prescribed on my training plans.  I know that it is partly to do with the fact that faster is always more exciting and enjoyable than slow and easy, at least for me.  However, no matter how exciting it is when in the middle of things, as soon as the run is completed, I find myself wishing that I had taken it just a wee bit slower.  How do you like to pace yourself?  I would love to get some feedback on how everyone else responds to speed work or speed-type sessions.  Today was what I often call an Oreo Cookie Workout: Tasty Speed Work Frosting sandwiched by Easy Pace Cookies.  The fast middle section isn’t as fast as a tempo, but faster than aerobic pace.  For me, easy is 7:50-8:30, general aerobic is 7:20-7:50, tempo is between 6:30-7:00, and so on into faster paces.  My tempo runs are often in the 5-10 mile range, which seems to be longer than many people practice, but what seems to work for me.  If I just did the standard 28:00 or 30:00 tempo run, it would be probably closer to 6:15-6:30 pace, but since my average tempo run is 7 or 8 miles, mid- to high-6:00’s works well.

OK, well that’s all for now.



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