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Week of April 1 – 7 Recap

9 Apr

Hello everyone!

Logged a solid 53 miles last week, making it the largest mileage week of this year’s buildup.  I am hoping to be in the 65-85 range before starting my marathon training in mid-June.  My upcoming races are the Mountain Goat 10 Mile (early May), Green Lakes Sprint Triathlon ( mid June) and the Utica Boilermaker 15K (mid July), and my over-arching goal the Empire State Marathon (early October).  I am probably going to race at least five more races (mostly 5K’s) between now and the Empire just as fitness tests and/or social races that mean little to me as far as time and place are concerned.

So, 6 days of running last week didn’t do any damage that I can see, which is best attributed to an easier week before last week.  I’ll do a few more high mileage weeks before tapering for the Goat 10 Mile.

As far as gear is concerned, I have this list that keeps growing, comprised of “Needs” and “Wants.”  Sadly, most of the items have made a place on the “Needs” list. :D  A new GPS watch, replacement long run shoes (probably the Brooks Pure Flow), and a few other necessities are anything but cheap, but compared to many other sports, running is quite inexpensive.

OK, that’s all for today.

Keep running!



Much Needed Recovery

28 Mar

I have been steadily upping my mileage, with the goal of running doubles three times a week and logging around 80-100 miles each week to prep for my fall marathon.  I am hoping to be at that mileage range as of this summer.  Now, all that has been going well, at least until I decided it was time to give minimal shoes a try and start to heel strike less, and move towards a more natural midfoot/forefoot strike.  While I already feel better from this, my legs certainly don’t.  :D  My calves especially are having to deal with a much greater load, which is really as it should be.  Nevertheless, my relatively week calves certainly have their work cut out.  So, after nearly three weeks of intentional running form changes, it’s time to take a much needed 2 day rest, so I can recover and nail the next 6 weeks until my 10 mile race May 12th.

What do you guys use for lower leg recovery, and what’s your take on minimal shoes?

Let me know!


P.S.  I am currently running in the Asics Gel-Blur33 and Brooks Pure Connect.  What are your more minimal go-to shoes for races and speedwork, or do you train daily in lightweight shoes?

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