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New YouTube Intro

11 Oct

Hey everyone!
As many of you already know, I’ve been working on getting a YouTube channel started, and the key to any good video is a good intro! Well, after five hours of trial, error and trying different ideas, I have at last made a decent intro that will serve its
purpose nicely in my videos. Please watch it, give it a thumbs up and give me your feedback.




Ludden Fall Frolic Race Report

23 Sep

Hello again!

Excited to post my first ever running video!  I’ve been watching awesome runners on YouTube for over a year now, drawing knowledge and inspiration from their fantastic videos showcasing both their training and racing experiences.  After a long time in the making, I finally made my first ever pre race / post race video.  The footage is nothing special, but I’m excited to start working on producing high quality content to highlight the many wonderful opportunities Central New York has to offer to runners of all abilities.  These are most applicable to those of you that live in the area, but I will also be posting many videos of just training / inspiration.

So excited you can all be apart of the journey!


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